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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taking college courses in high school

I don't know how many high schools offer college courses for college credits, but if your school does and you can afford it, I highly suggest it. 

1. Typically the classes they offer are A LOT cheaper than if you went to a university to take that same class.

2. The classes I've taken have all been taught on campus at my high school, and 2/3 of the teachers either were high school teachers or still are; which definitely made it a lot easier on me. They were used to the way high school students operated and they weren't as hard on us as they'd be on a college campus. 

3. At my school, it's possible to graduate with 24+ college credit hours. That's a whole 2 semesters that you've already got under your belt. 

- Don't procrastinate - 
This is pretty obvious but it helps a lot. Just getting things done the day they're assigned makes it so much easier on yourself instead of waiting till the last minute. 

- Buy a planner - 
Writing your assignments down and when they're due gives you an idea of what you have to get done and which projects take priority over the others. You can establish which things will take longer and have more depth and compare them to their due dates. Plus buying stationary is just really fun. 

- Become friends with your professor - 
I'm not saying text them all the time and meet for lunch, but keep contact with them over email about upcoming papers and assignments. Try and make yourself comfortable with them so that if you have a problem, you already kinda know them on a one on one level. 

- Learn to take notes - 
Note taking is an art and I'm obsessed with it. Lists, bullet points, post-it notes, highlighters, and summaries make the world go round. The biggest tip for taking notes is to only write the important stuff; the names, dates and events. 

- Be aware of what's expected of you -
Professors aren't like teachers. They have their own code for their class and each professor is different. Usually on the first day you get a syllabus, in high school they really didn't matter. But in college, your syllabus is your Bible. It holds all the odds and ends you need to know, if you have a question, resort to the syllabus first. 

This may have been a bit self-explanatory, and if I had read this somewhere that's exactly what I would have said. But this is really all it takes to be successful in a college course, or even a high school class. Hopefully this helped someone out a bit! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Here are some Ryan Gosling memes to help you stay motivated while studying and such. You're welcome. 

Sincerely, Erin 

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