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Saturday, March 21, 2015

How I wash my makeup brushes

There comes a point where your makeup brushes just feel gross and they need a good bath. I wash my brushes several ways; both great and effective but it just depends what I have on hand and the circumstance. 

When brushes are dry & dirty: 
- 2 part Dawn Dish Detergent 
- 1 part Olice Oil

When brushes are close to nasty:  
- 2 part Dawn Dish Detergent 
- 1 part Elf Brush Shampoo 

I typically wet my brush with water (always holding the brush down, in the same direction of water flow), then swirl in my cleaning solution, and then go back under the faucet and swirl the brush on the palm of my hand until the water runs clear. Some brushes are thicker or more absorbent and I use a paper towel to squeeze out the water I feel like won't dry on its own. I leave them to dry for 12-24 hours and they're almost as good as new! How do you wash your makeup brushes?

Sincerely, Erin

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