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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Organize Your Life

Maybe I'm weird but when I clean my room or organize a drawer, I honestly feel so much better. Total mindset change. A lot of people might be going through the same kinda thing and never thought of actually rearranging your life to take a step back and see the whole picture. Here are some of my tips to get a kick start on a routine to keep your possessions/life itself under some control:

1. Minimize. So I know that that eye shadow palette has extra special shades in there but if you haven't came close to using it in a year, toss it. I have a bad habit of holding onto makeup and hair care just in case I need it. Like it's an emergency. Trust me, it's not. You won't remember it tomorrow.

2. Donate. Sometimes you need a reason to clean out; school is about to start, vacation is coming up or you just went on a shopping spree. But when your closet becomes too cluttered, you need a reason to get rid of some old favorites. Send your prized tops & bottoms to Goodwill. Or even Plato's Closet where they give you money for your unwanted items. Maybe you have a cousin that could use some hand-me-downs. Think of a good cause to give away.

3. Rearrange. All you may need to do is find a better living arrangement that works better for the limited (or unlimited I guess) space you have. Having a different view from your bed to the TV really changes a person.

4. Redo. Pick a new color scheme or buy some new d├ęcor. This can be either for just your bedroom or the entire house. Possibly go as drastic as painting your walls something exciting and fresh or calming and interchangeable.

5. Give it a home. Containers, containers, containers. Everything has its own place! Life is much easier when it's that way. Less stress, less searching.

6. Keep up. Okay, your space looked good a month ago, but no effort was put into making your masterpiece stable. Even going around once a week and returning things to their place, making your bed, fluffing pillows, makes the biggest difference. This'll keep things from piling up and junking up your space.

There's not one reason I decided to write this post. Just over the past year I've been doing a lot of minimizing every aspect of my life and the physical part seems to be a great first step into giving you a good outlook for the rest. The sudden effects will leave you feeling so much better and the work will be well worth it.

xoxo, Erin

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