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Saturday, February 28, 2015

March madness

Although I may not be a busy Betty with an extra stressful life; anytime I have anything even semi big coming up, I become an anxious mess. I'm the first to say that I don't do well under pressure and I never bite off more than I can chew if I don't have to. But with that being said, I do have a semi busy Betty month and a half ahead of me. Which means planning the heck out of the next 45 days (which won't actually happen bc I'm a procrastinator but it makes me feel better  to think I've tried). 

So a few weeks ago, my parents sprung on my sister and I that we're going to Disney for spring break! Not only Disney (if that weren't enough) but Universal Studios, thus (yeah I'm getting there) HARRY POTTER WORLD; excuse my fangirling but I'm more or less obsessed with the books and movies.

But Orlando is kind of in Florida which kind of means we're also going to the beach, which kind of means I'm absolutely not bikini ready. Weight has always been something I've struggled with and once again, less than a month out from vacay and I've yet to even come close to an ideal weight. 

The main staple, and less exciting event of this month, will be trying to lose as much weight as possible before I step foot on FL soil. Eating healthy will be the death of me. But I can't disappoint myself again. OH. And not only am I working toward an ideal bod for the  beach but on April 11, I'll be attending prom in the most breathtaking dress I've ever seen (in person at least). My dress fits and that's all fine but I'd love to really feel comfortable in my own skin on prom night. For the amount of pounds I wanna shed, I'm really gonna need to hit it hard; which is something I've obviously never accomplished or I wouldn't be here right now. 

Along with what I've said above, my junior year of high school has proved to be the hardest year yet. From school work to relationships and friendships, 11th grade has really taken a toll on me. I'm hoping that maybe planning everything out will give me at least a little control of all of the craziness. 

I realize this post has been very about myself, and possibly very boring to some people who live far more extravagant lives than I do. But I'm really laid back and I get squirly over the smallest thing, so I couldn't help but share. 

Thank you so much for reading! 
Sincerely, Erin 


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