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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Story time & belated resolutions

  2014 was almost a predictable, average year. Until about October-November when my life started turning upside down. The constants of my world weren't so constant anymore. I had lost one of the most precious people in my life. A complete culture-shock awaited me, with no signs of going back. 
  My boyfriend and I of almost 3 years had yuckily broken up. I was always one of those girls who thought it was really pathetic when other people acted so dramatic and desperate over a relationship; but now that was me. I was the girl who was heart broken and miserable like never before. 
  But without my boyfriend, I turned to some of my friends that I may have neglected during the time I was in my relationship. We became so incredibly close. Even though I was in terrible pain, they were right there to see me through it. 
  A few months later, my ex and I patched things up and we began talking again, which turned into hanging out again, which turned into dating once again. Things still aren't the same and may never really be in the sense that we once knew. But there's a chance we could grow to become better than ever before. 
  After the obvious problems the breakup first caused me, I realized all the beautiful things that had blossomed from such an awful situation. My friends and I were closer than I'd ever thought possible, even new friendships had grown.             
  I learned more in the past few months than I had maybe in my whole life. One of them being: when people say "something good will come out of this", they're telling the truth. It's a completely true statement that I realize now.  

  Last new year, I couldn't imagine the person I am today; and doing the things I've done thoughtout the year, with the people I have, and all that's happened to me. Then I wouldn't believe the fact that I've gotten through it all, that I've overcome the obstacles. So, I'm inspired to truly make resolutions and stick to them, because there's no telling what all can happen in one year. 

Forgive and forget 
Just because you've "moved on" from the original problem, doesn't mean you've completely forgotten the things people have done to you. But carrying that baggage doesn't hurt anyone but yourself, and this year I'll be trying to let it all go. 
Live for today
Be courageous, and daring in your decisions as well as your attitude. Focus on making the moment instead of looking forward. 
Be healthy in all forms of the word
I've never been a fit type of person, ever. It's in my blood to eat the whole pizza, or all of the cupcakes on the table. And I've always hated my weight and the way I feel after constantly over-indulging. As well as being healthy looking, I wanna be a healthy person all around. I wanna live a long and happy life, and I don't want my habits to get in the way. Andddd, I wanna have a healthy outlook on life; a positive person with goals and aspirations that I'm willing to work for.
Come back to Jesus
My relationship with God has slowly been slipping away and I'm so ready for it to return. I'm going to start doing devotions and praying not only with my problems but with my praise towards Him. 

Have a happy YEAR! 
Sincerely, Erin 

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