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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Late night thoughts

Here I am at 12:32 in the morning scanning the blogging world for ideas to blog about. And so many times I've done this because I can't think of anything to write cause I feel like my life isn't interesting enough for a blog and I'm probably right. I've only had a couple posts and honestly none of them gave me a heaping amount of confidence. I just wonder how people do it. How they come up with ideas and seamless plans. I understand it takes time and effort, things don't happen overnight I get it. But where do you find inspiration? Where do you find the confidence to move forward in blogging or life itself? I applaud people who run successful blogs, people whose blog IS their job. I feel like it's immensingly harder than a 9-5 that's for sure. Hopefully I'll gain some inspiration cause I love to write and even though this has been a somewhat meaningless post, I feel good having posted it. 

Have a great Wednesday! 
Sincerely, Erin

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